Where to get extra glass plates for K8800?


My Vertex Delta produces really prints of very good quality!
But sometimes BuildTak sucks. Too often PLA prints do not stick on it until printing is finished. (->Spaghetti) This happens even if the first layer is perfect. Brims do not help because they get also get kicked of before thy are finished.
And for InnoPET it behaves like Teflon even with a raft.
I’m cleaning the BuildTak before every print with Isopropanol.

I want some extra glass plates to try some different foils. Where can I order glass plates that fit into Vertex Delta?


i had the same problem. now i use the other side with hairspray. works perfectly
just dont let the layer of spray go smooth, i spray it from about 15inches away 2 or 3 coats
( nice and sticky)


You can refresh the buildtak with a bit of acetone (not much!).
Slight rub it on it. And it should be as good as new


Thank you for your suggestions. I have not tried hairspray yet, but Acetone helped already.
Nevertheless I found this link:

I ordered 2 at my reseller (Conrad) just to play around with different coatings.

By the way are there plans for a heated bed extension/mod?