While printing x and y axel expires

The x and y axis expire during printing. How can this be remedied?

Can you explain a little better?

While printing, the layers are moving several mm to the site.
I will try to upload some pictures.

Can’t load pictures.

It looks like your X Y alignment may be off.
Look in this link.

Hello, We checked everything and adjust the access.
But when we enter the command Auto home, the motors make a lot of noice.

But we don’t see the motors move, just making noice.

Dear Steef,

If motors make noise while the automatic home function is active, the reason is that the alignment of the X-Y axes is not correct. Also the axes of the print head (cross) do not have the correct distance when mounting the pieces (bearing clamps) over the rods X - Y of the printhead.
How to solve this, follow the PDF via this link: Printerhead jamming

Check aslo the pulleys if motors makes a a lot of noise while homing.
See problem illustrated image below:


Velleman Support.