WIN10 PCSU1000 drivers

When will you write WIN10 drivers for PCSU1000 which will be digitally signed?
What is the main reason for non digitally signed drivers for PCSU1000 from Velleman?
This drivers which are available today just don’t work (or work one day and another day don’t) on WIN10, ver. 1909.

Have you installed the latest software package 4.07?
When installing, it installs the signed driver too.

Yes, I have this update, but in the device manager,when I plugged in PCSU1000 in the USB controllers list it diapered every few seconds and come back, looks like WIN10 accepts it and then it don’t. It goes in the loop. After I reset PC sometimes (I don’t know why) it accepts PCSU1000, but only when I plug USB after WIN10 is up, then in the Device manager comes “Unknown device com port” icon, if this icon is missing, then PCSU1000 don’t work.
Also after some time this USB looping reset my PC, I’m never seen anything like it.


Why MB bios (Z390) don’t see PCSU1000 on PC boot, also PC won’t boot if PCSU1000 is plugged in to the USB port!?

Just test PCSU1000 on the WIN10 with ver. 1903 and package 4.07, it works ok (Other devices / USB Serial Port >disabled, set PcLab > start as admin, with WIN7 compatibility mode on)
On ver. 1909 it won’t work for me on the two PC’s. Has someone tried the 4.07 driver pack on WIN10 version 1909?

I have today updated two PCs to WIN10 version 1909.
On both of them the PCSU1000 works OK.

Hi, found the problem, it was in the USB cable which was defective, all o.k. now. Thanks for help.

No problem. Glad you resolved the issue!