Witch fillament?



After some problems we are printing good now. The only problem is i got a lot of nozzle problems with fillament been stopped in there. First i got fillament from 123d.nl. Now im printing with the fillament from vertex. It seem this works better. Wich ones do you guys use?


Velleman-brand filament is very good, in my experience. I also use Inmac. Both the PLA and the ABS are great quality. I have had problems with some other brands not flowing as smoothly.


Velleman-brad is very good, also Innofil3D and DAS Filament are fine.
I would not so much recommend Renkforce.

Janbex is a printer killer. Clogging and wearing out the nozzle that I had to replace it.

So far I only printed PLA and PET.


Thanks for your reply’s. Made some prints this week both with the vertex and 123D.nl filament. Both works fine when i disconnect the safety for fillament run-out…