Wood fillament (velleman)

I’m tinking of buying this fillament https://www.conrad.be/p/velleman-pla175nw05-filament-175-mm-500-g-1549501. Its a wood version from velleman itself. Did someone used this before? They say you need an opening from 0,4 mm. But Velleman don’t sell them. Can i just buy one from another company? This one for example https://www.123-3d.nl/E3D-v6-nozzle-messing-1-75-mm-x-0-40-mm-DED00012-i294-t13200.html


This is indeed the nozzle “Nozzle E3D 0,4mm”, that You can use for printing with our wood fillament.

These are the settings in cura for wood fillament on Vertex Delta. See table below.
By this test the standard nozzle 0.35mm was used. but we advise to use a nozzle > or = 0.4mm to avoid clogged nozzle.

Velleman Support

Just wondering.
On that chart you have nozzle size 0.35mm but the nozzle is 0.4mm
Why is that?

Hi @Wrong_Way,

All our filaments (yes, all of them!) are tested on the Vertex Delta, which has a 0.35 nozzle.
The results of the wood filament were great:

However, even with the settings above, some users reported that the filament could get stuck after printing for a while. We therefore recommend using a 0.4 mm nozzle or even a 0.5 mm nozzle.

We will add these nozzles to our product portfolio soon.
Kind regards,