Writing Error K8076 PIC16F628A

Dear Supporters,

I have that K8076, it worked flawlessly several times. Now I have an HEX file that i cannot write to the PIC.
At the very end a message pops up saying Error writing pic.
I use windows 7 picprog2009.


  • I once before (and again to test it works now) tried it with another hex. This worked (and works).
  • I set down the speed in the hardware config. At first ist was to fast (->error writing pic). Now it is set to slow. The programmer starts writing. At the very end -> error writing PIC. :cry:
  • I use 15V.
    I actually can programm that pic, but not with that hex… i don’t get it.

This is so sad! Can please anyone test this hex?
It is here moodprog.digiweert.nl/dl.php?fil … _V_2_6.hex

What is the problem with that hex?